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About me

My name is Björgvin Hilmarsson and I live in Reykjavík, Iceland. I work as a guide at Icelandic Mountain Guides.

Been photographing on the side since forever and working for various magazines and companies, photographing for feature articles and news related articles, for ads and brochures etc.

I work a lot with my lovely wife Satu (journalist, authorshop owner) and do most of the photography she needs related to her work or projects we do together.

On this web site you find all kinds of photos, old and new. It´s not very organised and definitely not thought of as a portfolio or a professional presentation of my work. It´s more like a place I dump stuff without thinking too much about it.

Most of my photos are not there yet. Some I can´t put online (client stuff) but most is simply not ready cause I have other things to do (or just lazy :)

All photos by Björgvin Hilmarsson unless otherwise stated. Contact me (bjorgvin [a] retro.is) if you are interested in any of the photos. All use of my photos is prohibited without my permission. Thank you.
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